Statement against arrest of activists in Telengana

On the 26th of July, Com Madhu (Secretary, Regional Committee and State leader of CPIML(New Democracy) and two other comrades, Prasad and Shantha Rao were arrested by the KCR Govt of Telengana from Mehboobabad Dist. False cases were slapped against them including sections of the draconian UAPA which is the weapon of the rulers against people’s movements and their leaders. The immediate background of these arrests is the resistance of the tribals and other forest dwellers in telengana against the KCR Govt.’s all out attempt to seize their lands on which they have been doing podu cultivation for decades and to this end, sdestroy their standing crops and huts by rurring bulldozers over them. The resistance to the KCR Govt.’s move to thus seize the land of tribals to eventually hand it over for loot of corporate is being resisted most acutely in the areas of the erstwhile districts of Khammam and Warangal by the organized resistance of the tribals. Com. Madhu is a recognized and popular leader of the Agency area and has been one of the main organizers of this resistance, leading a vigorous mass campaign in defence of podu lands. Thus has CPI(ML)New Democracy and its leaders earned the hatred of the KCR Govt.

At the time of the movement for the formation of Telengana, the TRS and its leader KCR made so many promises to the people of Telengana. At the time of forming Govt. KCR promised 3 acres of land to each tribal family. Far from implementing this promise he is snatching away what land they have. CPI(ML) New Democracy, which played an important role in the movement for Telengana state, has been opposing the TRS Govt.’s betrayal of the people by organizing people’s struggles. Thus has the TRS Govt. used the anti people’s movement weapon of UAPA against its leaders, though TRS itself was part of the huge people’s movement which led to the creation of Telengana state.

UAPA is a draconian law and countrywide the rulers are foisting false cases under UAPA against revolutionary activists in the country. Enacted to take the place of the hated POTA, it is a cruel attack on the democratic rights of people.

We appeal to you to join us at Jantar Mantar on Sunday 6th August 2017 from 11.30am onwards to demand
-Repeal UAPA.
-Immediate withdrawal of UAPA against Com Madhu and other leaders ;
-Telengana Govt. should immediately stop Attacks on Adivasis’ lands
Withdraw false cases against Com Madhu, com Prasad, Com Shantha Rao and other activists fighting in defence of Podu lands in Telengana.
With greetings,
Mrigank ( Spokesperson, Delhi committee, CPIML (New Democracy)


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