Statement condemning the brutal laathicharge On BHU Girls!

Condemn the Brutal Laathicharge On BHU Girls!

Hail the Fearless Struggle of Girls against University Administration!!

Demolish Patriarchy, Defeat Modi-Yogi’s Fascism!!!

In the midnight of 23 September 2017, the UP police, PAC and paramilitary forces cracked down upon the girl students protesting against the sexual molestation of one of them and demanding safety and security in the BHU campus, with brute force and grievously injured many of them.

Incidents of sexual harassment of girl students by lumpen elements were commonly complained against for years but the BHU administration did not pay any heed. On 21 September a second year Fine Arts girl student was molested by some bikers while she was returning to her hostel at around
6.20 pm. The girl suffered injuries on her private parts and had fainted on road. The security guards few meters away from the site of the incident reportedly did not help and on complaining, they allegedly responded with misogynist remarks and snubbed the girls for not being careful while moving alone in the dark. Even the hostel warden instead of taking the compliant with due seriousness questioned the character off the victim. The proctorial board did not respond and rather wanted to suppress the issue citing Prime Minister Modi’s scheduled visit to his Lok Sabha constituency.

Furious over the inaction of the administration, the girl students staged demonstration at the BHU gate holding placards that read, “Stop victim blaming” and shouting slogans against the university administration. They demanded security, equality and justice. BHU has been in news for its moral policing under the Sanghi Vice Chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi and his infamous KHAP-like curfew rule imprisoning the girl students in their hostels after 7 pm. One of the slogans pertinently revealed the open gender discrimination the girls faced in BHU: “University hamari ho gayi KHAP,
Baap re Baap, Baap re Baap”! Students had occupied and closed the BHU main gate by afternoon.

By the evening the administration called in police and para military force. They took positions around the main gate and the VC’s house. The girl students ignored them and even the dictate and continued their agitation through night to 23 September. The agitation captured nationwide attention of media and people. Narendra Modi who was on visit to Varanasi was reportedly not allowed to enter the BHU and was forced to change his route.

ABVP called the BHU protest as political stunt against Modi and for defaming the university. They, in hand and gloves with the administration, spread rumours that the protesting students had defiled the statue of Madan Mohan Malaviya, which was enthusiastically flashed by certain media
channels. While the protests gathered momentum all through the day, in the night around 11 pm, the police and para military forces cracked down upon the students. The police and administrator had usual defence that they were provoked to take action as the protesters, 80 per cent of whom were outsiders as claimed by them, had turned violent. There were no signs, however, of any such violent act or anybody being outsider. A cell-phone video showing two policemen mercilessly raining blows on a girl student has clearly exposed the vicious attitude of the administration against the
students expressing their dissent peacefully.

The ALL India Council for Students’ Struggle (AICSS) strongly condemns the BHU administration and the brutal attack of the Police force on the students.

It demands

  • Independent enquiry by a retired High Court judge into the incident as well as the maladministration of the BHU with regard to girl students’ rights
  • Punish those in the administration for calling in Police into the campus and those guilty of brutal charge.
  • Scrap the discriminatory rule against girl students in BHU
  • Fulfill all the demands of students have raised regarding safety, security, equality and justice.


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