COSTISA Statement condemning brutal lathicharge on BHU girls

COSTISA hails the fearles struggle of girls against police repression

Demolish patriarchy, Demolish fascism !!

On evening of 21st September a fine arts girls student from BHU was molested by bike rider lumpens. Girl had injuries on her private parts and had fainted. As usual, warden to proctorial board wanted to suppress this issue.  But this time girls chose to fight rather than accept it as their fate. Next day on 22nd September girl students from BHU gathered and bombarded lanka gate with slogans for security, equality and justice and with slogans like “university hamari ho gayi khaap, baap re baap baap re baap”.  With this began the struggle against sexual harassment and filth going on since years in BHU. Students occupied and closed the BHU main gate by afternoon and demonstrating the sheer strength of unity, girls demanded security without curtailing freedom.

By the evening heavy police force, PAC and para military force was deployed in BHU campus around the main gate and VC house. Girls who used to be prisoned after 7 PM as per the hostel curfew rules broke the curfew and continued their movement in the night. At BHU main gate,big banners of “UNSAFE BHU” and “bachegi beti tabhi to padegi beti” were hoisted in the night. Vice chancellor, BHU administration and the state all were at shock and went backfoot with this movement. It captured the nationwide attention of media and people. But the media acted as the agent of administration. Narendra Modi who was on a visit to Varanasi was not allowed to enter BHU and was forced to change the route.

Media started to spread fake news  about the movement. It pictured students as lumpens. ABVP called the BHU protest for equality  as a political stunt against Modi and is defaming to the university. Lackeys of administration spread false rumors like blackening of malviya statue and tried to break the movement. Next morning on 23rd September girls continued their protest all the day long. By  evening electricity and water supply to hostel were cut.

Administration tried all methods to break the movement. But the students were determined to fight against these patriarchal dictates. Around 11 PM at night, students and girls were brutally beaten by police and PAC near VC house and BHU main gate. Hundreds of police force was deployed inside the campus. Many rounds of air firing were done and tear gas was used and many students especially girls students were seriously injured.

Even after this horrifying attack by administration and state, girl students  again gathered on the roads after sometime. Whole of the campus was being patrolled by police, PAC and para military. Students were searched and beaten. Stone pelting also occurred between students and police. Curfew (article 144) was announced in the campus.

24th September students of MMV, Triveni, Birla and Braocha hostels have been asked to vacate their hostels. They have not been provided with basic facilities of mess, electricity, water etc. and were threatened that heir luggages will be thrown out if they don’t voluntarily vacate their hostel rooms . Authoritarianism have crossed all their limits.

Sanghi Vice chancellor G. C. Tripathi preferred to use force rather than working on the justified and sensitive demands of students. He did not even come to talk to the students. He used all his might to break the student movement but went vain.  Movement led by girls students of BHU has shaken patriarchal mindset of BHU administration, society and of state. A historical movement against sexual violence and patriarchy has been led by girls of BHU. An inspiring courage and enthusiasm has been shown by students specially the girls of MMV. These movements lead by girls will be the foundation of revolutionary social changes.

We stand in solidarity with struggling students of BHU.


Dare to fight, Dare to win!

Long live the students unity!!



Coordination of Science and Technology Institutes’ Student Associations (COSTISA)



Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC), IIT Madras

Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle (APPSC), IIT Bombay

Students for Change (SFC), IIT BHU

Ambedkar Bhagat Singh Study Circle (ABSC), IIT Kharagpur

Concern, IISC Bengaluru


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