Mother, weep not for me

When you came to see me
I couldn’t see your face
from the fibre glass window
If you glanced at my crippled body
you could truely believe that I am still alive

Mother, cry not for my absence at home

When I was at home
and the world
I had many friends
When I am incarcerated in this Prison’s
Anda cell
I have gained many more friends
Across the globe

Mother, despair not for my failing health

When you couldn’t afford a glass of milk
in my childhood
you fed me with your words
of strength and courage
At this time o pain and suffering
I am still strong with what you
had fed me

Mother, lose not your hope

I realised that jail is not death
it is my rebirth
and I will return home
to your lap that nurtured me
with hope and courage

Mother, fear not for my freedom

Tell the world
my freedom lost
is freedom gained for the multitudes
as everyone who comes to stand with me
take the cause of the wretched of the earth
wherein lies my freedom

(After you came to see me at the mulakat at the Prison window on 14th November, 2017)
I hope someone translates it for you. Mother, pardon me for writing this in a foreign tongue that you don’t understand. What can I do? I am not allowed to write in the sweet language you taught me in my infancy in your lap.

Yours child with love

[Anda cell, Central Prison, Nagpur, 1st December, 2017.]

Translated to Bengali, by Utsab

Poem to Mother -Sai - Bangla


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