Post- Matric Scholarship and TISS strike

Tata Institute of Social Science is one of the important institutes of higher education in India. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Tuljapur and Gawahati, the four campuses of TISS, went on strike simultaneously from 21st February, against the institute’s decision to withdraw scholarship of Post- Matric Scholars and student also demanded overall withdrawal of fee hike. After some days of university strike, protest gathered attention and support from students across India, TISS alumni and from general society. TISS protest brought out issues related to Post- Matric Scholarship (PMS) in general and some other issues that are specific to TISS as an institute. In this piece I want to look at the politics of scholarship, their inevitability in enabling higher education to a huge number of students especially from a certain section of the society. I am going to focus on the subject of Post- Matric Scholarships and will later argue for the importance of linking scholariship with inflation.



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