Bhangar: arrest of activists in the run up to Panchayat polls

Update: April 9

UAPA, Arms Act and 18 other totally false cases on trade unionist, student and health movement activist Ratul for standing with people’s movement in Bhangar, West Bengal. Midnight 8 April arrest. Sent to 14 days Jail custody. Activists Amitava, Biswajit Hazra and Shankar Das also arrested on 6 April from Bhangar and were earlier remanded in police custody for five days on 7 April.

Also, on last day of filing panchayat election nomination today, fresh round of conflict where TMC goons beat up candidates from Bhangar right near SDO Office in Baruipur, not allowing to file nominations. Similar situation in over half the 393 centres across the State where panchayat elections are due on 1,3,5 May. Only in Bhangar, the brutality is more focussed to crush the people’s movement with firing, bombing by ruling party goons with full State impunity. Mass resistance going on in Bhangar.

Down with repression on people’s movement and democratic rights!


Comrade Ratul, activist in the Bhangar (WB) anti-land grab struggle and in various other workers struggle, health movement and people’s movement, was arrested from his home in Kolkata on 8 April midnight.

On 6th April, police arrested Shankar Das, Biswajit Hazra and Amitava Bhattacharya, three activists of the Bhangar struggle, one being the convenor of Bhangar Solidarity Committee, and other two being members of  “Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood and Environment” of Bhangar struggle. They had accompanied the villagers to file nomination in the upcoming panchayat elections, as the committee of Bhangar movement have decided to participate in the upcoming elections (1,3,5 May) in order to use the local representative bodies in favor of the anti-land grab movement going on in Bhangar.  The goons of the ruling TMC party first beat up the villagers within the BDO office itself with police as mere spectators and then police arrested the villagers and the three activists of the committee. The arrested villagers were released later but the three have been slapped with multiple fake charges.

*The TMC goons attacked villagers yesterday, burnt down the office of the committee and have bombed and fired randomly to create an atmosphere of terror.* All these are going on to crush the movement in Bhangar to facilitate the corporate plan of establishing Power Grid along with the plan of not letting any oppositional voice to even file nomination during elections.

The ruling party is crushing a minimum democratic processes through brute use of state power! Thousands of people in Bhangar are resisting this repression and fighitng for democracy. Raise your voice in Solidarity!

*FIGHT BACK repression on People’s Movement and Democratic Rights!*

⚫ Free all activists of Bhangar movement immediately and scrap all false charges!

⚫ Withdraw power grid project from Bhangar!


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