Revolutionary journals from Punjab express solidarity with Rana Ayyuab and Ravish Kumar

The editors of four Punjabi vernacular revolutionary journals i.e Lok Kafla, Inqlabi Sada Raah, Lal Parcham and Surkh Rekha, in a joint press release condemned the intimidation and terrorizing campaign organized by the IT network of the Hindutva fascists against the democratic and pro-people journalists and democratic intellectuals and writers throughout India. The editors expressed deep concern that it is extremely shocking and worrisome that these criminal gangs are threatening the brave journalists like Rana Ayyub and Ravish Kumar openly on social media, intimidating them by death and rape threats and lewd remarks and uploading video clips with impunity. It is sickening that these Hindutva extremist gangs are making hate speeches, giving calls to send them to the other side of the border to Pakistan and instigating the majority Hindus to attack these journalists.

Journalist Rana Ayyub has raised the issue of threats to her life on international fora and Ravish Kumar too has put on record the whole issue in his TV reports and through other media portals. Though complaints had been lodged with the police, but no serious action has been initiated by the police against the criminals involved. This calculated silence on the part of the police and other security agencies raises finger on the connivance of the law and order machinery in this Hindu terrorist project.

The joint statement while condemning the attitude of the state on the whole issue and terming it a fascist war against the minorities and progressive people also stated that it is actually a planned agenda of the Hindutva forces under which critical voices of intellectuals, journalists, artists and writers are being targeted. It is all on behalf of the hydra-headed RSS and its political wing BJP, that countless right wing frontal organizations such as Hindu Rakska Samitis, Gau Raksha Dals, Karni Senas etc. are hyper active in villages and towns which are attacking and harassing religious minorities, dalits and women. The country has already witnessed the gory murders of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, Prof. MM Kulburgi, Gouri Lankesh and so many Muslims and Dalits across the country by silent cells and lynch mobs of Hindutva fascists. Even they have started disrupting the Muslim community from excising their right to perform Namaaz in public places as has been witnessed in Gurgaon, Haryana recently.

The editors appealed to all the progressive intellectuals and democratic people from all walks of life to oppose tooth and nail this vicious campaign by the Hindutva fascists and join hands in defence of freedom of speech and right to expression.

They also warned the fascist forces that the fascists always had to lick the dust at the hands of the people the world over. And the obnoxious designs of fascists of this country will never be successful.

31 May 2018

Signed by :

Ajmer Singh, the editor Inqlabi Sada Raah,

Buta Singh, the editor Lok Kafla,

Mukhtiar Singh Puhla, the Editor Lal Parcham

Nazar Singh Boparai, the editor and Surkh Rekha


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