BJP Government’s performance on employment generation

The BJP electoral manifesto of 2014 had put employment generation as one of its top priority (just below price rise)– ‘The country has been dragged through 10 years of Jobless Growth by the Congress-led UPA Government. Under the broader economic revival, BJP will accord high priority to job creation and opportunities for entrepreneurship’.

The party had promised to harness the ‘demographic dividend’ of the youth of the country:
“Our country is blessed that we are the most youthful nation in the world and 65 percent of our people are under 35 of age,” Modi said while addressing the Swami Vivekananda Youth Convention.

With more than half the population below the age of 24 years and 150 million first time voters, this assertion was in complete sync with the aspirations of the people of the country and they showed their support by voting BJP to an absolute majority in the parliament. Four years later with another election looming around the corner let us examine how the ruling party has fared on the issue of employment.

Employment 2018-4


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