Kolkata: Death of Sudip Chongdar, a political prisoner, in judicial custody

We reproduce a petition submitted by APDR, CRPP, Bandimukti Committee and other rights organisations in Kolkata.

The Medical Superintendent,
241 Desapran Sasmal Road
Tollygunge, Kolkata – 700033

Date: 09.02.2019

Sub: Death of Sudip Chongdar, a political prisoner under judicial custody, due to medical negligence

We, the relatives of the deceased and the following human rights / civil liberties / democratic rights organisations, would like to draw your attention to the following facts:
1. That Sri Sudip Chongdar, a political prisoner, was lodged at Alipur Correctional Home.
2. That after he was brought from the jail to your hospital on February4, 2019, he was medically unattended for several hours (as per our estimate – almost seven hours).
3. That upon our repeated request the hospital authorities reluctantly began medical treatment of Sri Chongdar.
4. That upon our queries, various excuses were given by the authorities for not properly administering treatment and medicines to him.
5. That these excuses included non-availability of specialist (heart) doctors and even after seeing that the patient was fast deteriorating, the hospital authorities did not secure the attendance of specialist doctors; hence timely and proper treatment was denied to him. The right to get proper treatment was violated.
6. That the ill-treatment and mal-behaviour by the staffers of the hospital towards the relatives and friends of the patient are condemnable.
7. That in spite of the fact, the relatives and friends of the patient were present at the hospital premises since his admission at the hospital, but the news of the death of Chongdar was not even communicated to them. After two hours of his death, they came to know of his death from the media, but not from the authorities. This act on the part of the hospital authorities is inhuman and unethical and violates all norms of civilization.
8. That we are shocked to find that immediately after the death, without informing the patient’s relatives and friends deliberately, the hospital authorities removed the body to hospital mortuary in a most unceremonious manner.
9. That the statutory four hours waiting before the issuance of death certificate was also flouted.
All these acts of commission and omission, particularly medical negligence towards a patient who was in most critical condition, amounts, we hold, to murder. Proper care and proper medical treatment in time would have saved the life of Sudip Chongdar.
We further hold that the state government, the jail authorities and the hospital authorities are collectively responsible for the untimely death of Sudip Chongdar, while he was under the custody of the state authorities.

Thank you
Yours sincerely


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