Free the Maruti13, political prisoners of class struggle!

13 Maruti workers, all 12 union representatives and Jial Lal, are in jail for last 8 years. They got life term from the session court because of the incident of 18 July, 2012, falsely accused of ‘murder’ of a manager who died of asphyxiation. After the incident more than 150 workers were kept behind the bars for three and a half years without bail. Later, 117 of them were released as there was no single witness or evidence against them. Leaders were framed on the basis of an account provided by the state and the capital that had so many loopholes. Yet they got life term. The actual reason of this heavy punishment was that they led one of the most militant workers struggle in India in recent past which was becoming a symbol of glorious resistance for exploited-oppressed workers across the country, and the class solidarity was unprecedented.

Like Bhima-Koregaon case is framed to crush and punish militant dalit struggle and revolutionary dreams, like anti-CAA-NRC-NPR activists are framed to crush and punish the emerging solidarity and struggle, Maruti workers were framed to crush and punish the militant working class struggle. They fought for abolition of contract system, for union rights, for respectable and dignified life as workers and better working conditions, but these simple demands were so impossible in this regime of neoliberal capital that the militant struggle led to three massive strikes in 2011 and ultimately a’class war’ on 18 July 2018.

On another 18th July, we again raise the demands for immediate and unconditional release of Maruti13!

Release all political prisoners!

Long live the protracted, militant, organized and uncompromising essence of Maruti workers struggle!

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