Father Stan Swamy

CDRO statement on the arrest of Fr. Stan Swamy


                                                                 Press Release

                                                              13th October 2020

Immediate & unconditional release of all those arrested in the
fabricated Bhima Koregaon case

CDRO is shocked to hear the news of the arrest of Father  Stan Swamy
in connection with the infamous Bhima-Koregaon (BK) case. We note with
disgust that Father Stan Swamy is the latest victim of the witchhunt
operation carried out by the BJP-government in the name of BK case. It
is a well-known fact today that the NIA, in the BK case, could not
find any convincing material implicating the incarcerated activists
and proving several alleged trumped-up charges including “criminal
conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister”.

Several facts show that the arrest of the veteran human rights worker
was against the democratic norms. Firstly, Father Stan Swamy is
83-year old. Taking him away during Corona pandemic time not only
violates his right and puts at threat his health but also violates the
order issued by the state of Jharkhand which prohibits coming out in
public of people above the age of 65 years. Secondly, and perhaps more
importantly, Father Stan Swamy is a prominent public figure with a
long history of working for upholding Adivasi rights. He was not
absconding, and in fact, he had cooperated with the NIA during the
15-hour interrogation carried out by the agency for five days (27th
July-30th July and on 6th August). Thirdly, even while presenting the
case in Mumbai High court, the NIA has shown Fr. Stan Swamy only as
“suspect-accused”  in the BK case and not as an accused. Finally, it
should be borne in mind that Fr. Stan Swamy’s residence was raided on
28th August 2018 by the Pune Police, then in charge of the BK case,
and his laptop, tablet, camera etc. were seized. Therefore, we feel
that the charge of Stan Swamy having a Maoist link based on computer
extracts is a fabrication by the police with malicious intent and has
been planted as “evidence” in an after-thought. Fr. Stan Swamy has
outright rejected any involvement with the Maoists or the alleged

CDRO strongly believes that Fr. Stan Swamy has been implicated because
of his role as a leading public intellectual, as a campaigner against
the false arrest case of the tribals in Jharkhand, for demanding the
release of undertrial tribal prisoners, for advocating the land rights
of the tribals, and for his role in the reversal of 209 MoUs worth 3
lakh crores of so-called development projects, which deprive the
livelihood of the tribal people of Jharkhand,  for implementation of
PESA to the benefit of tribals etc.

The systematic taking over of the BK case from Maharashtra police by
the NIA after the formation of the new government in Maharashtra, the
arrest and harassment of leading public intellectuals clearly show the
intent of the centre to gag the voices of dissent against the
anti-people policies and undemocratic functioning of the central

CDRO reiterates that arrest of Fr.  Stan Swamy, like the earlier
arrests of 15 other public intellectuals, by the Pune Police and the
NIA is a clear violation of the principles of Federalism pronounced by
the constitution.

We demand

➤Immediate release of Father Stan Swamy

➤ Immediate & unconditional release of all those arrested in the
fabricated Bhima Koregaon case

➤ Punishment to the real culprits of the Bhima Koregaon case violence

K.Kranthi Chaitanya, Prit Pal Singh, Tapas Chakraborty and V. Raghunath

(Coordinators of CDRO)

Constituent Organisations: Association for Democratic Rights (AFDR,
Punjab), Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR, West
Bengal); Asansol Civil Rights Association, West Bengal; Bandi Mukti
Committee (West Bengal); Civil Liberties Committee (Andhra Pradesh);
Civil Liberties Committee (Telangana); Committee for Protection of
Democratic Rights (Maharashtra); Committee for Protection of
Democratic Rights (CPDR TamilNadu); Coordination for Human Rights
(Manipur); Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti (Assam); Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights; Peoples’ Committee for Human Rights (Jammu and Kashmir); Peoples Democratic Forum (Karnataka); Jharkhand Council for Democratic Rights (Jharkhand); Peoples Union For Democratic Rights (Delhi); Peoples Union for Civil Rights (Hariyana), Campaign for Peace; Democracy in Manipur, Delhi; Janhastakshep (Delhi)

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